Leather Interior

Upgrade your interior with custom leather! tons of colors and custom designs. We can do 2 tone, factory color match, top stitch colors or mix match to your unique style. Most of our customers upgrade to heated seats along with the leather interior. We also have air conditioned seats for the 2 weeks in the summer that are unbearable.

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Sunroof and headliner repair

If you are sick and tired of your sunroof either being stuck open or stuck closed bring it on over for a diagnosis. If by accident you left you roof open and it rained, ruining your headliner we can replace your headliner making your vehicle look and feel brand new.

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Back Up Cameras

This back up cam mirror has been very popular. Its 7.1 inch display is unlike any other on the market. Depending on your vehicle we have the camera in the tailgate option and some in the actual emblem must like factory.

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Small Local Business

NW Auto Interiors is a small local business aiming to produce quality work. After working for a corporation for over 10 years pushing out as much work as possible day after day with employees that have no pride in their work or the company I decided I had enough. Here its mainly just me, the owner and operator of the entire shop. This makes it so I can produce quality work that I know is done right and if any issues occur the customer is dealing with me directly and not some sales guy that has no idea about the product or the install process. We have a great reputation with local dealers in the area that we have been doing business with for over 10 years. Most of my loyal dealers followed me when we made the move and it means a lot that they stuck by us and still use us to this day.



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