Product / Service #1

NW Auto Interiors is best known for our quality installs of leather interiors combined with heated seats.

Product / Service #2

NW Auto Interiors also offers skilled sunroof diagnosis and repair. Whether its factory or aftermarket we have you covered. Another popular service we offer  here in the pacific nw is water leaks. Sunroof leaking we will figure out where its coming from and stop it.

Product / Service #3

Recovering your original headliner to its factory look is one of our top services. Your headliner is sagging down we will take it out scrape all the old material off and replace it with brand new headliner material. Your vehicle will appreciate it!

Factory match Leather Interiors

Here is what NW Auto Interiors is best known for. Our custom factory match leather kits. We can match the factory leather in most vehicles. So if your dealer doesn't have any in stock don't worry we have you covered.

Sunroof and Headliner repairs

With all the rain here in the pacific nw we see a ton of leaking sunroofs. Over time the sunroof drains get clogged and sometimes pinched which will not let the roof drain correctly and in turn leaks either onto the headliner or below the carpet. whatever it is we will figure it out and stop the leak in its tracks.

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